Brian Winkler, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

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About Me

For over three decades, I’ve walked alongside individuals and couples during some of the most challenging and pivotal times in their life, helping them transform crisis and pain into opportunities for growth and healing. In 1989, I began my therapy path as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Those early days were filled with intensive education and psychotherapy training, honing my expertise in depth psychotherapy and the intricate dynamics of relationship issues. At that time I was also introduced to EMDR therapy and had the great fortune to study intensely with its founder, Dr. Francine Shapiro.

In 2000, I expanded my horizons, earning the title of Licensed Clinical Psychologist. This evolution allowed me to embrace a wider spectrum of challenges and delve deeper into the human psyche. My therapy practice in Los Gatos, CA, reflects the fusion of these rich experiences from both disciplines.

I’m a perpetual student, eagerly absorbing the latest research and innovative methodologies. But I’m not just bound by textbooks and studies. I use my intuition and believe that everyone has a source of guidance and healing inside of them. 

Beyond the therapy room, I prioritize my own well-being. Meditation has been my steadfast companion for over four decades, helping me stay grounded and balanced. I enjoy spending time in nature, creating music, cherish time with loved ones, and have a strong interest in holistic health and healing.

I find immense fulfillment in guiding individuals and couples through transformative therapy sessions, empowering them to navigate some of life’s biggest challenges. As we forge a connection and set out on this collaborative path, know that I will have an unwavering intention and a steadfast commitment to seeing you through to the realization of your therapy goals.



1984– B.A., Univertsity of California at Santa Cruz
1986– M.A. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1989– Ph.D. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

1989–Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
2000–Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1987: Certified in EMDR levels 1 and 2, trained by Dr. Francine Shapiro

Additional Training:
2008–Advanced EMDR training with Dr. Laurell Parnell
2009–Advanced Couples Therapy Training, Gottman Institute
2013–Comprehensive, yearlong Couples Therapy Training with Dr. Ellyn Bader, Couples Institute

Writings: Dream incubation: an experimental inquiry into the process of petitioning dreams for guidance, healing and problem solving. Doctoral Dissertation, 1990 

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