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Depth Psychotherapy

We all carry deep, core issues and themes from the past that negatively influence our current life, giving rise to a variety of symptoms including depression, anxiety, emotional pain, stress, anger, grief, confusion and loss of meaning. Since these issues and themes are often buried in our unconscious, it is difficult for us to see why we keep repeating the same mistakes in relationships, work, and many other important aspects of our life.

Depth therapy involves resolving and healing core issues by becoming aware of the influence our unconscious mind has on how we feel and how we live our life. We approach these important issues through dialogue, building trust, exploring and interpreting your dreams, spontaneous art, stories, guided imagery, and imagination. You also learn important, practical skills that help you face life’s challenges and grow with life’s changes.

During the process of depth psychotherapy, the wounded, neglected, abandoned, and rejected parts of you emerge into the healing light of awareness. You are able to see and understand what has been in the way of feeling more joy and satisfaction. As a result, you experience a new sense of confidence, clarity, emotional freedom, and peace in your life.

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